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International Nursing Program Unit 2: Supporting the Patient with Human Functioning

Maintaining Fluid Balance

Listening Activities  A Guide to IV Fluids  Unit 2 Task 9


Listening Activities  Shingles - The Medical Perspective  Unit 2 Task 79

Listening Activities  Shingles - The Patient Perspective  Unit 2 Task 18

Listening Activities  Physiological Types of Pain  Unit 2 Task 19

Listening Activities  Pain Management  Unit 2 Task 20

Communicating with Patients

Listening Activities  Nurse Activity-Exercise Assessment Interview Unit 2 Task 23-6

Listening Activities  Nurse Nutrition Assessment Interview Unit 2 Task 28

Review Activities

Listening Activities  Marijuana for Pain Relief  Recompose a text word for word

Vovabulary Activities  The Language of Pain  Review key pain-related vocabulary

Listening Activities  Arthritsis - What's new?  Identify new information