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International Nursing Program Unit 1: The Nursing Profession

The Nursing Profession

Listening Activities  Great Nurses Possess These Two Traits  Unit 1 Task 2

Reading Activities  Is the Nursing Profession Right for You?   Unit 1 Task 4

Quiz  Quiz: Would I make a Good Nurse?  Unit 1 Task 5

Listening Activities  The Different Types of Nurses  Unit 1 Task 6

Listening Activities  A Day in the Life of a Nurse  Unit 1 Task 7

Listening Activities  Top Nursing Specialities Unit 1 Task 9

Listening Activities  Nursing Specialities: Outpatient Nurse  Unit 1 Task 10

Listening Activities  Nursing Specialities: Cancer Nurse   Unit 1 Task 11

Listening Activities  Nursing Specialities: A Critical Care Nurse  Unit 1 Task 12

Listening Activities  Nursing Specialities: An Operating Room Nurse  Unit 1 Task 13

The Nursing Process

Listening Activities  The Nursing Process  Unit 1 Task 14

Communicating with Patients

Listening Activities  Poor Communication  Unit 1 Task 20

Listening Activities  Good Communication   Unit 1 Task 20

Listening Activities  Admission Interview   Unit 1 Task 35

Review Activities

Listening Activities  Cardiac Care Nurses 1  Key vocabulary for cardiology

Listening Activities  Cardiac Care Nurses 2  Key vocabulary for cardiology

Listening Activities  Oncology Nurses 1  Key vocabulary for oncology

Listening Activities  Oncology Nurses 2  Key vocabulary for oncology

Listening Activities  Neuroscience Nurses 1  Key vocabulary for neurology

Listening Activities  Neuroscience Nurses 2  Key vocabulary for neurology

Listening Activities  Transplant Nurses 1  Key vocabulary for organ transplantation

Listening Activities  Transplant Nurses 2  Key vocabulary for organ transplantation

Listening Activities  Midwives 1  Key vocabulary for widwives

Listening Activities  Midwives 2  Key vocabulary for widwives

Listening Activities  Cardiology Sound Bites [Segmentation/Memory]  What's the best ending for sentences you hear?