Tranexamic Acid - Segmentation/Memory Practice

Listen to the following extracts who are all taken from a report on tranexamic acid. Click on each link to hear the extract and then decide which of the phrases in the right-hand column best completes what you heard. Just to make life interesting there is one more ending than you actually need.

answer Tranexamic acid, or TXA, is not new. It's a clotting drug that has been used in limited situations, A.  such as some surgeries, where it reduces bleeding.
answer To find out, study leader Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says about 20,000 accident victims in 40 countries from Albania to Zambia were randomly assigned B. to either get the TXA treatment or not.
answer But Roberts and his colleagues worried C.  that a clotting drug might increase heart attacks or strokes.
answer We saw a highly significant reduction in the risk of dying, and a highly significant increase D. in the patients who left hospital with no symptoms whatsoever. So that's good news, too.
answer Patients were given two injections of the drug, E. which is no longer under patent protection and doesn't require special handling.
      F. and treatment costs less than $10 per patient.