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English for Nurses Unit 4: Supporting the Patient through Treatment


Listening Activities  The 8 Rights of Medication Administration  Unit 4 Task 1

Listening Activities  Elderly at Risk for Drug Interactions  Unit 4 Task 2

Listening Activities  FDA Advice on OTC Cough Medications  Unit 4 Task 3


Listening Activities  IM and SC Injections   Unit 4 Task 7

Wound Management

Listening Activities  Wound Management: A Nurse's Guide   Unit 4 Task 10

Perioperative Care

Reading Activities  Pre-operative Assessments   Unit 4 Task 13

Reading Activities  Pre-operative Checklists   Unit 4 Task 14

Review Activities

Listening Activities  Counting, counting...   How many words do you hear?

Listening Activities   A New Drug for Breast Cancer  Listen to learn - Complete notes on the listening

Reading Activities  CHD Risk Status  Re-order a jumbled text