Oncology Sound Bites

Listen to the following people who are all talking about issues related to oncology. Click on each link to hear what the person says and then decide which of the phrases in the right-hand column best completes what they said. Just to make life interesting there is one more ending than you actually need.

answer A. these study results do not mean that women should stop taking antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.
answer Spiral CT is a new technology which has been shown to detect small lesions in the lungs, smaller than you can find with an X-ray, B. but we don't know whether finding these lesions and treating them will actually lead to benefit for people.
answer At this time there's no effective screening test for lung cancer, and yet C. it's the largest cause of cancer deaths in this country. I think many people don't understand the magnitude of the epidemic of lung cancer.
answer Screening tests that turn out to be positive are followed up by diagnostic procedures, D. and some of those procedures have risks associated with them.
answer And, what we found was that the people with cancer were more likely to have used antibiotics. And, in fact, E. women who had breast cancer were twice as likely to have had more than 25 prescriptions or more than 500 days of antibiotic use accumulated over the course of an average of about 17 years.
      To gather the necessary data, F. researchers used computerized pharmacy and breast-cancer-screening databases.