Dementia Cases to Rise Globally

Listen to the following radio extract and complete the notes that follow.

Conclusions of a systematic review of article on Alzheimer's Disease (AD): [1]__________ suffer from AD at present. By 2020 the figure will be [2] _______ and by 2040 [3] ____________.

In terms of numbers [4] ____________ are most affected and the situation will become more serious. Currently [5] _____ of AD sufferers live in poorer countries and this figure will rise to 70% by [6]_______ .

In other words, whilst the number of AD patients is projected to [7] _______________ in China, India, south east Asia and the western pacific, in industrialised countries there will be [8] ____________________________.

Reasons for this increase:

  • populations are high in developing nations
  • [9]______________________________

However, the prevalence of dementia is [10] _____________ in developing nations. This is due to [11] ____________________________ rather than [12] ____________________________. Also possible as a result of [13] _________________ .

Dr Ferri suggests governments should spend money on reducing heart disease (a risk factor for AD) and in particular on tackling [14] ____________________________________________________________________ .